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Balboa Spa Pack

Hot tub spa packs refer to the spa electronics that control the functions of your hot tub.
The main component of the spa pack is the actual circuit board within the spa electronics box.

Hot tub spa pack manufacturers include Gecko Alliance, Balboa Water Group and Newport Systems among others. New spa packs are mainly digital in contrast to the old days of analog packs and mechanical or air switches.

Today’s topside control panel controls and programs many functions to create a more intelligent spa. From programming filter cycles to receiving timely error messages and other panel indications, a digital control system makes spa operation and maintenance easier.

Another component of the spa pack is the hot tub heater. Heaters come in various configurations and they are rated for the consumer in kilowatts. For example a 3kw heater heats twice as much as a 1.5kw heater but not as much as a 5kw heater. Each can perform the same task of heating the spa, but the lower the kilowatt rating of the heater, the longer it takes to heat the spa water. Having enough amperage and a thick enough supply cable as the power supply line to the spa pack and heater is key to accommodating the correct amp load on the household circuit.

Typically, hard wired spas in North America are wired for 230V operation at 50 or 60 amps. Some spas require 2 power supply lines in order to operate the heater at the same time as the rest of the spa. The heater is usually the component in the spa that draws the most amperage and requires the most electricity.

Digital spa packs give an accurate temperature readout to within a few degrees and the spa water temperature is automatically maintained under standard operation.

Hot tub spa packs purchased online such as at Canada’s The Hot Tub Superstore can save hundreds over buying from a spa manufacturer. Balboa Spa Packs are the most popular spa pack type. Replacement spa packs are available in most any configuration to retrofit any model spa.

A hot tub can be anything from an old style barrel to the fanciest new acrylic hot tubs with over 100 jets. The basic operation is that a pump is activated and pumps water through a heater to maintain water temperature so unlike a bathtub, the water can circulate and stay in the vessel. Hot tub controls and spa packs have become more advanced and now allow for many alternative settings, filter durations and custom programming.

Hot tub parts should be installed by a qualified electrician or spa service personell.

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